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Frequently Asked Questions
La Carte Plus

How can I obtain La Carte Plus by MSC Plus?

Any MSC Plus client may join the loyalty program. Just fill out the La Carte Plus application form and submit it either online or in person to a customer service agent.

Do I need to have La Carte Plus in order to be able to buy at MSC Plus?

No, having an account La Carte Plus is not an obligation to buy at MSC Plus.

Can I hold many La Carte Plus?

No, each client can only hold one La Carte Plus.

What is La Carte Plus for?

La Carte Plus allows you to accumulate points when purchasing at MSC Plus, whether you are at Tabarre or Cap-Haïtian’s store.

What is the value of the points on La Carte Plus?

1 Point = 1 Gourde

How can I verify the number of points on La Carte Plus?

The points will appear on the invoice at the time of payment.

Can I earn points if I forgot or lost La Carte Plus?

Yes, the points may be earned without the physical card (La Carte Plus) as long as the client’s identity can be verified.

Can I use the points on La Carte Plus at a supermarket?

No, the points can only be used at MSC Plus Tabarre or at MSC Plus Cap-Haïtien.

Can I gift my points to someone else?

No, the transfer or pooling of points is not allowed.

Can I withdraw in cash the points available on La Carte Plus?

No, there’s no withdrawal value for the points under no circumstances and the points can in no case be converted to cash.

Can my earned points expire?

No, the points don’t have an expiration date, however, MSC Plus reserves the right at any time to terminate the program or modify the terms and conditions in whole or in part without notice.

What to do if I lose La Carte Plus?

For the lost or damaged cards, MSC Plus will only issue replacement cards upon the client’s request. At the discretion of MSC Plus, the client may be assigned a different account number and in this case the balance of the initial account will be transferred on the new account.

Can I use my earned points from MSC Plus Tabarre at MSC Plus Cap-Haïtian?

Yes, the points earned at any MSC Plus store may be used after 24 hours of the purchase to be available and used either at Tabarre or in Cap-Haïtien.

Can I make a money deposit on La Carte Plus to have points?

No, La Carte Plus allows you to accumulate points only upon purchases made at MSC Plus.

Can I give La Carte Plus to someone else to make purchases and earn points?

Yes, there’s no restriction on having someone make purchases under your name and accumulate points. However, only the holder of La Carte Plus will be able to use the earned points by going to a cashier with a valid identification.

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